Should You Value Opinion Of A Critic?

We feel you should ALWAYS listen to criticism, and to be careful to listen and record all of it. It’s important data! Be sure to write down the specifics, too, it’s too easy to lump similar sounding criticism together and lose an important subtlety.

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What you shouldn’t do is directly take the suggestions of your critics, or take the criticism at face value. It’s your job to parse the feedback and figure out what action is needed, and figuring out what the underlying problem is isn’t always obvious or trivial. An example would be that a book wasn’t compeelling  enough to critics, but since it strikes you emotionally; you consider it a favorite. You still accept the criticism of said book, but have your own personal love for it. Instead of simply hating it because other people do.

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Your vision doesn’t ever need to be compromised, and in fact listening to feedback is the only way you’ll ever know if you’re actually achieving it. If you wanted players to feel that a certain mechanic was intuitive (or not), then you’ll only ever know if you listen to their feedback. You don’t have to change a single thing in response to criticism, but it’s your job as a writer to know exactly what your readers are thinking and feeling, and chances are if how they’re feeling isn’t lining up with your vision, your implementation is not communicating that vision properly to your readers.

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